Judge us by the companies we keep

We work with a long list of clients from industry sectors as diverse as manufacturing, technology and education. For some we design, install and manage entire systems. For others we integrate advanced solutions into existing systems and/or provide cost effective management and maintenance strategies.

But we have a single objective for them all. To provide an unrivalled level of service and customer satisfaction.


What do LSE and Rolls Royce have in common?

They work with PBC. We have the ability to engineer bespoke BEMS projects, systems and maintenance strategies to the exact requirements of our clients’ buildings. Which means that large and small organisations from any number of different industry and public sectors – presenting varying operational challenges – can all enjoy the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally conscientious solutions.

Below is just a sample of the clients we’re proud to work with. Click on those with live links to learn more about our involvement with their success.

  • West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Integral

  • Overbury

  • Engie

  • ABM Technical Solutions Ltd

  • Sykes and Son

  • Bouygues

  • Wates Building Services