Rolls Royce Motor Cars

Rolls Royce established their reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of supremely luxurious motor vehicles by following a philosophy of refusing to compromise on quality. It’s a way of thinking that extends to every component of every car the company builds, and beyond to their own working practices and those of their trusted suppliers.

So we were delighted to be appointed to update their Building Management System at their manufacturing facility in Goodwood; upgrading their BMS Supervisor from the original Tridium R2 firmware to the more advanced Tridium AX firmware.


Power points

  • Complete upgrade of Tridium firmware requiring newly recreated software
  • Re-engineering undertaken off-site to reduce disruption
  • New alarm hierarchy for use across multiple on-site buildings
  • Uprated state-of-the-nation graphics and alarm tracking
  • Detailed functionality testing of the system
  • AX Supervision migrated to a remote server for seamless integration

Tech talk

The complete recreation of the system’s software was only part of the story. Since software cannot be transferred between the two systems, upgrading to Tridium AX from the R2 version means creating totally new software. To minimise disruption and downtime our specialists took a backup copy of the old system from Rolls Royce’s Goodwood site to work on at our headquarters. To allow engineering work to be carried out on both Supervisors we set up a temporary remote access operating from our HQ facility.

Whilst we re-engineered the software, we also created an alarm hierarchy for all the on-site buildings at Rolls Royce. Easy tracking across the buildings was achieved with a state-of-the-nation graphic. The existing R2 Supervisor graphics were modernised and given animators and two state graphics for a greatly enhanced visual experience when working with the AX Supervisor.

Finally the system’s functionality was thoroughly tested by running the new Supervisor in parallel with the old. Once everyone was satisfied with its performance, the old system was switched off.

Running like a Rolls Royce. Silky smooth integration between multiple systems and buildings on-site was achieved by migrating the new AX Supervisor to a remote server. The people at Rolls Royce also enjoy an excellent user interface and all the benefits of a totally up-to-date Building Management System.

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