Why us? In three words

Expertise. Experience. Service. These are the three main reasons why leading manufacturing, educational, construction and technology organisations choose PBC for their business energy management systems.

In a nutshell, we have the technical expertise to offer you highly effective design, engineering and maintenance solutions. Plus the experience – all 25 years of it – to build a bespoke, cost effective service around your requirements.

Meet Our Team

Seamless integration

Because we have direct experience of a wide range of products and technologies we have the ability to integrate different management systems - providing you with the optimum solutions to suit your business.

We use sophisticated communication protocols - like BacNet, Modbus and Lon – as well as proprietary drivers within the Niagara framework. We also have specialist design teams who combine the most advanced technology with trusted engineering principles to produce reliable, user-friendly BEMS and power management systems.

Affiliations & Systems

Technical excellence

Of major importance to our clients is our ability to build cutting edge BEMS software strategies and BEMS supervisors off-site.

The engineers in our dedicated technical department have an expertise based on 25 years within the industry. They are trained and certified in the very latest Trend and Tridium systems. They are at the forefront of the business – continually seeking out the most advanced products in order to offer you a best-fit solution. And they constantly review and re-assess our internal standards to ensure we meet – and exceed – best industry practice.

Health & Safety