Catalent Micron Technologies

Catalent Micron Technologies has 25 years combined experience in handling pharmaceutical materials and is a leader in air jet milling micronization. The company is at the forefront of the industry and a top international provider of particle size reduction and analytical services.

It’s only natural that a company dealing with state-of-the-art innovation would want the most advanced Building Management System. So they chose PBC to overhaul their existing system whilst minimising operational downtime.


Power points

  • Entire BMS replaced over the Christmas period to avoid losing processing time
  • Creation of bespoke panel layout, operational software and Supervisor graphics
  • Existing field equipment changed and new equipment fully tested by commissioning engineers
  • Improvements include continual sensor logging, multiple user log in and audit logs
  • Easily updatable firmware and enhanced end user graphic interface help make the system future proof

Tech talk

Our flexible approach meant we were able to complete the BMS replacement between Christmas and New Year - during the facility’s seasonal closure - to avoid halting production and to minimise disruption.

Whilst the staff of CMT enjoyed their Christmas break we were able to exchange the old Barber Colman BMS and Supervisor PC with a newly engineered system using the Honeywell Centraline range. Software capability was provided by a Hawk controller whilst Lynx controllers gave improved input/output capability.

After viewing the panel drawings and uploading the old software we designed a new panel layout and software that replicated the plant’s operation. We also engineered completely new Supervisor graphics, provided a new PC and devised a programme for the works to be completed in a logical and timely progression.

Once the plant was closed and the control panel isolated our team of expert wiremen stripped out the old controls. When the installation team had replaced the field equipment and the changeover works were complete our commissioning engineers tested the system thoroughly and demonstrated to our clients that all pressure regimes could be maintained when operating normally, as well as in the event of a part system failure.

The benefits are manifold. CMT now have an advanced Building Management System that offers optimum performance today, and can be uprated to meet future challenges. Their new system provides enhancements that include continual logging of sensors, multiple user log in, audit logs, the capability to easily upgrade the system with the latest firmware updates, plus a much improved end user graphical interface.